Helicopter CFrame

Basically, this is a chopper I’m working on.
But I’m having a trouble
So when you rotate, (A key)
It should stay on the position.
But it goes back to the old position.
Any idea how can I fix this?
What I mean is:
The CFrame will be the MainPart lookvector, (because I don’t need the rotation)


if not Keys.S and not Keys.W then
					ExpectedGyroCFrame = CFrame.new(Mainpart.CFrame.LookVector) -- here where I should get the lookvector and make a cframe from it
					Athingy = 0

Is the helicopter welded correctly? If yes, you should play it out with body forces.

It has nothing to do with that…
The trouble is that
When it turns, it goes back to the CFrame based on position.
I want it when you rotate, it doesn’t goes back.
The CFrame will rotate to the look vector without any rotation.

My bad, I’ve misread that. Let’s see

The most likely issue I see this being is that the part is facing another direction

also the fact that that statement applies the entire time your not trying to go forwards or backwards