Helicopter game crashing on exiting solo mode

when exiting solo mode on a project i’m working on. it brings up the “roblox needs to quit” and crashes studio

This happens between every time, and 1/5 times.

This seems to be happening in just the project i’m working on. i will gladly send an example file to any roblox staff that’d like to look at it to try and find what’s causing it. I’d rather not pubicly share it is all.
I don’t think i’m doing anything too intense. just updating two body movers on RenderStep. a BodyGyro and BodyForce.

OS: Windows 7 professional 64 bit
CPU: AMD FX 6300
GPU: GTX 1060
RAM: 16 GB

Started happening on 4/11/17, but that’s also when i started working on this project most recently

Do you have any scripts using OnClose or BindToClose that could be causing the issue? I once had the same issue, but it was being caused by a stupid script I made that froze the game when it closed.

i do not.
it’s literally just

-- wait for character
-- spawn heli
-- set up inputs
-- renderstepped math

however, in doing a lot of testing, sometimes (maybe 1 in 20 times) it’ll crash from just respawning the helicopter after you crash.

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dm me the place file

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I’ve got a fix for this issue.

Basically what is happening here is that destroying the Humanoid while the Humanoid has not been fully initialized causes a crash. I’m just going to change the code to make the Humanoid setup more safe and it should resolve the issue.


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