Hell Obby 2, a Obby created to be "different"

(This logo is super work in progress, don’t kill meh D:)

Legacy of the obbies

We all know obbies, (well atleast everyone from 2009-2016), there was a time where obbies were the thing cool kids were doing. At the start, obbies were praised, because, let’s be honest, at the time, there was 3 kinds of places:

  • Obbies
  • Roleplay Games
  • Build Places

Plus, scripting was virtually unknow, to the masses.

But then, something bad started to happen, “Obby kits”, and other junk started to appear.

Obviously, amateurs and kids started to use the same tools to create badly thought obbies, which, saturated ROBLOX with obbies, and, then, everyone started to hate them, because they were basically the same thing.


Nowadays, most obbies follow this pattern:

  • Defaullt roblox’s sky.
  • No ground.
  • A truckload of free models.
  • No atmosphere.
  • Little to no story.
  • Copy-pasted levels
  • Levels with little love and effort put into
  • Atleast one level where you go inside of a famous character (Sponge Bob, builderman, Mario, etc)

Along with that, most obbies have a title like: OMG ESCAPE NINTENDO SWITCH BEFORE BUILDERMAN BANS YOU TO GET FREE ROBUX!!!1!

And a bunch of clickbait thumbnails as well. Example below.

Rebuilding the genre

Of course, with most players not believing in obbies anymore, it’s pretty hard to get any traction, so, i have to try to do something new.

Instead of making a obby catered to the casuals, this obby is made for the Hardcores.
The casuals have long given up in obbies, so, i need to trust the hardcores, and so, i’m trying to do a obby with spicy difficulty, that way, i can keep my target audience happy.

This already breaks one of the problems with pretty much all of the obbies: They are too easy.
If i activate click to move, and click somewhere in the obby, the game pretty much solves itself.
That isn’t fun at all.

So instead, i tried to make level much harder than normal (Things like wall jumps and boomerang jumps). While not keeping it too extreme. (The original game was hated due to it’s difficulty.)

Then we have another problem, atmoshphere. Most obbies are a bunch of plastic parts in the middle of the sky, that doesn’t have any atmoshphere. So, i solved that as well, here it is a screenshot of the game:

Time to discuss another problem with obbies: They lack originality.
My game somewhat solves that. While there’s a handful of classic obby challenges, i’ve tried to pump it with new concepts. Do you see that sword in the image? Yes, the character is using the sword to go higher.

Here, you can see a motorbike, you use it in this level. It’s 100% impossible without the motorbike, so the player is forced to adapt to this new environment.

Then, we have the obby’s name: It’s not clickbaity at all, It’s really “Hell Obby”
The name tries to invoke 2 things:

  1. The game has a hellish landscape.
  2. The game is hard.

I would also love to discuss a little about the level number.
Let’s be honest, a game with “1800 stages” is no fun for 3 reasons:

  1. Too many levels for the player to have a sense of accomplishment
  2. Massive level repetion
  3. Low quality levels.

So, i’ve tried to hit that sweetspot, between a lengthy adventure and good level variation.

The result? 100 Stages, with most of them having a unique key theme.
The exceptions are:

  • Level 25, 50, 75 – Bosses
  • Level 99 – The Ultimate level (Uses everything the player has fought against)
  • Level 100 – Final Boss

There’s a lot more of key concepts that are not developed yet.

Core Features

  1. Hellish atmosphere
  2. 100 Different levels
  3. Speedrun system
  4. Power-ups
  5. 4 Bosses
  6. A good interface
  7. A Music system that plays more intense music the closer the player is to the end


Since the downfall of the obby, i’ve been planning to create a obby that can “save the concept” of obbies, that obby is a fresh re-look to obbies, with a bunch of new features, concepts, levels and more.

Your feedback helps me!

Since this is the first full-fledged game i’m working on, there’s a lot of things i may do wrong, and the feedback of more experienced developers can be the difference between a good game and a forgettable game. Below, i have incorported a poll to better know what i need to fix.

  • It’s a great concept!
  • It’s a great concept but it’s kinda flawed…
  • It’s a decent concept
  • It’s a decent concept and it’s kinda flawed…
  • It’s not a good concept

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Thanks for reading!


Thanks for voting! the poll is now CLOSED

Game credits:
tomaspesquet - Original game creator and builder
@NmzDimitrie - Playtester
NoobGuy2088 and NotLazyy - Assistant programmer/builder


I like the concept and everything but, bosses? Bosses in an obby? I mean it is not a bad idea but how are you going to pull it together? Like the player just finishes an obby stage and then out of nowhere you give him a sword to fight a boss?


My idea is to have bosses tie into the history, along with some small cutscenes.
Think of the bosses like a boss from a platform game.


In my opinion, the term “obby” has come to define those obstacle-based games on roblox that have simple hazards and various levels that all somehow manage to look the same. This is similar to a platformer, but I would argue that a platformer requires a higher bar for quality, and encompasses more features, such as boss fights, power ups, and even leveling systems(uncommon). If you’re planning on including a story and boss fights to go along with your obstacle course, I would go so far as to say that the idea has ceased being an obby, and that the obstacle course is simply one of the features in your platformer.

tl;dr - obby’s are a simplistic, roblox-specific specialization of platformers with much fewer game elements.


Yes, but i’m still trying to keep the general “Obby” look, just with a lot of new twists

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What you mentioned is what defies an obby, right?

I think your idea is based on those Minecraft Parkours, maybe you should make it like that?


Not really, i’m trying to go to a full-fledged platform game, with some obby ties to help younger (both literally and in-game) players get into the game.


Right, I get that. I really like the idea of you trying to fix the “obby community” which is full of clickbaits, and overall just made for the purpose of profit.

Just an idea, you should make your game theme-based on something you like or you think the audience will like.


That’s what i’m trying to do, a obby with a basic theme at the beggining, but then it starts to shift into something new.



The key audience from this game is 12+, due to it’s difficulty, that’s why i went with “Hell Obby” and the “Hellish” style


From those screenshots, it looks like the gameplay would feel more like an obby than a platformer. The stages look compact and extremely direct. It’s arguable obbys are platformers, but it wouldn’t even matter if it wasn’t, this game looks pretty cool and borrows from the obby genre heavily, so it’s safe to say it would fall under that category or at least be closely related to it.


It is what i’m trying to do, making a game that borrows the design from a obby, but making it different, with things not present in the obby design. Bosses, power-ups, a comprehensive history (Not “WhO kIlLeD bUilDer MaN”), harder level design. It’s not really a game about exploring, but more about challenging the player with direct challenges.

Although a platform game about exploring in roblox gives me ideas :thinking:

It looks rather interesting, but I’d have to play some of the levels continuously to see if the game has a good structure and flow between each level. I don’t want to play 3 easy Obstacle Courses only to be greeted by a brand new Motorcycle level, which I have no idea how to handle.

Pacing seems to be the biggest issue your game may have. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted out, though.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see it finalized.


Well, i’ve tried my best to have the start of every new concept level being easy jumps, to teach the player how to handle the level.