Hello again (Building project) |UPDATED|

Hello there its been awhile as I got burnt out from modeling as a whole (still did it here and there)

My new little project (just a little town with a couple of structures) All i want is some feedback and some building ideas as im a bit dry of them.



Building 1


convenience store (MASSIVE WIP)

I would love some feedback, suggestions and tips. Thank you have a good day/night

(2 week followup)


What a amazing designs I Like it! Good Work.


Thank you much appreciated. If all is well i’m most likely going to make a dev post update each week.


Looks great! I think to improve this further, you could add additional detailing to the buildings and roads as they’re quite simplistic at the moment. Perhaps some vines, plants, pipe systems, street lamps etc. In terms of building ideas, I can give you a couple essentials for a town:

  • Emergency department (Fire, Police, etc)
  • Park area
  • Food related structure (café, bakery)

I find it helpful to go to the internet for inspiration as well! Just looking through images can give you ideas on what to add if you ever get stuck.


I absolutely agree. I am slowly working on that as I work in this type of path

Body structure first (aka main priorities for a building)
then some detail
Thank you so much for the feedback


It’s good, but it looks alot like those default templates in studio. Try adding extra parts (e.g. signs, cars) (Sorry I didn’t read the date before replying, didn’t notice I was so late)


Nah u good. Thanks for the input i will ensure to take the suggestion into reality (atleast try lol)


I forgot to make an update post on the 25th Sunday. I’ll make a update post on the 2nd of July (If ur reading this have a good night/day.


Also forgot to mention, all the buildings looks the same, with just different heights. Try adding more different signs and change up the colours. You could also try adding those little stands on the black platforms loads of places have outside to advertise?

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It’s not bad so far, but please use a textureless material on the windows for glass!

Also I hope you get back soon, keep well


(Refrence photo)
I will consider that.

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Elaborate if you can please. Thank you

Is that the reference for all of them?

Yeah because it took me too long to make a city type i wanted. There is some new thing here and there which I’ll show today tonight when its ready

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These buildings look very good! Nice job on them. You should add more decorations to them though.

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I agree, I am still working on that.