Hello Devs Checkout the newest game

Good Day Devs Me and My team have created a experience in Roblox its been 2 Months since we launch we get alot of positive Remarks but we dont get enough pplayers for our game but we get decent likes please join our game and Invite your friends and family We really beg of you that would really make us happy for something we worked so hard on since last here
GAME: (1) BallRush [BETA] - Roblox


Looks really nice! UI looks clean too


Thank you Anything you can advise us to add?

So i played it for a bit, was really fun. Here is my suggestions.

  1. Im usually a pc player, but joined from mobile because i was comfy at bed. There should be a crosshair to make aiming and timing when to shoot easier. If players cant land shots they will feel discouraged.

  2. Some music or ambient sounds or both would do wonders to make matches feel more exciting and alive, of course a mute button would be needed too.

  3. Rounds should be shorter, currently they are like 10mins and players might get bored if they get stuck against a pro. Game seems fast paced, so embrace that and make rounds like 5mins long.

  4. When you land a kill it feels good, that rush you feel could be powered even more, add a sound effect when you shoot and also a sound effect when it lands. You guys could even monetize that down the road with different cool/funny kill sound effects in the shop just like the meme taunts on Survive The Night.

Awesome game! I think you guys could do those improvements and then look to make some shorts of like 15 secs to put on tiktok and youtube shorts to garner attention. When the match had 4 ppl running around the game really started to shine.

Oh yea and i found these things happen in the jungle map.

I could float/walk on air

I could see the baseplate with maps and stuff

Thank you very much i willl discuss this with my team

Hey man! You were the guy on discord who joined the Golden Investors, right? Cool game! It might not look too attractive but the overall quality is decent.

Toss the maps in server storage. Its better and more effective.