Hello guys, i have a bug with mesh colors

model after i use Merge by distance, and Reset Vectors, i selected all faces, using wireframe, or something like that.

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Please reply to the person you wish to reply to. If you reply to yourself I don’t get a message that you replied to me.

When you used Merge by distance what increment did you enter? Remember I suggested using .005. You can click the small tool menu that appears at the bottom left of the screen when you merge and it’ll expand so you can enter different values.
With your model if I tried more than .005 the different sections would join up, which I don’t think you’d want.

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Yes, i change increment. But it don’t fixing bug, but i see is removing vertices. So i will be painting in blender, or i export to obj.

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I didn’t try importing the model you sent, but like I said, you need to really reduce your number of tris. If you keep filling your game up with Meshes like that it’s going to lag. I suspect your other train parts have thousands and thousands of tris. Unless you are going for a hyper realistic build and the train is Anchored then maybe you could keep your # of tris up.

I suspect because you have so many tris that Roblox is having issues with this import.

Personally I’d scrap those doors and start over. I’d try to make each individual door with only 200 tris and the rest of the frame with another 4-500 tris (including the small lights either side of the doors). It wouldn’t look nearly as detailed, but for the amount of time that people would be actually staring closely at them I don’t think anyone would care if your gameplay

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So, i will be remake door then.

And i see one more bug with meshes.

Max graphic:

Min graphic:

i think, for fix that bug, i need optimize mesh?

Are you using the Smooth Faces tool in the Faces tab?
That should get rid of your squared edges.
Also select all faces and use the Mesh tab > Normals > Reset Vectors tool.