Hello guys i wanna be original and i dont have some game ideas can u help me?

i wanna be original making an game can u guys gimme an cool idea please?

Do you have a particular style of game you’re going for? A platformer? MMORPG? Showcase? FPS? Simulator? Tycoon? (ew) Roleplay? Etc.


i can make that all but i need ideas


I read somewhere about a game where you would build a dinosaur park, grow dinosaurs, maintain visitors, etc. in a “grow a city” style and keep nurturing them.

But then at the “end credits” the dinosaurs would suddenly escape, everything would be in ruin and it would turn into a survival FPS game. How’s that? Reference:

Hope this helped. :heart:ლ(´͈◡ુ`͈ლ)

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Tysm but i dont like too much the tycoons

…Well I asked if you wanted or didn’t want a certain style, and you said anything worked?

Try changing the above example to fit your needs. Tweak it so it’s not a tycoon. If you need another idea just tell me.

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okay thats great ty for the idea


I have some ideas, When I think of ideas for games. I just think of games that are popular on Roblox, here are some ideas: Story type games, FPS, Kind of like Adopt me type games.

A super Mario like game, where there is an obstacle course in every level and it’s a different theme everytime, and levels are timed and have events, and the level select is much like dungeon quest, ie. It teleports you into a different game. I think this quite hard though ._.

Okay firstly, if you’re asking us for ideas, then the idea isn’t original because it wasn’t made up by you and instead someone else, so make sure to give credit to them in the game description.

A few ideas you could do will be gun games(those seem to be quite popular) and perhaps an Rpg game.

You can also make a superhero game, where people can be superheroes and get powers. There’s this one game on Roblox called age of heroes and a lot of people like these kind of games.

Build off concepts from other Roblox games. If you like an obby, make an obby, but with a twist. If you like swordfighting, make it in space or something. It doesn’t even have to be from Roblox games! Why not make something like temple run with a twist, or tetris, once again with a twist.There’s no limit to what you can create on Roblox.


making an admin game would be like the most unoriginal thing you could do on roblox…

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Do something that’s not really common, those can get attention from people who are looking for something new. I say you make a platformer and take inspiration from games such as Super Mario 64 and Donkey kong country and games like that, those games would be original if you can think of a theme and fun and engaging storyline for the players to follow. Good luck with whatever game genre you choose!

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ty may i will make that :smiley: ty for ur reply

make a divorce simulator, the ones i play are all outdated