Help 2D Movement

Hello, I am trying to make a 2D Movement System. The Character Turns Left When Pressing the “A” Key on the Keyboard. But It Doesn’t Work When Moved To The Left Side On The Mobile Joystick.

i no can send screenshot or video please test code


		if math.round(Humanoid.MoveDirection.X) == -1 and HumanoidRT then
			HumanoidRT.CFrame = * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(90), 0)
		elseif math.round(Humanoid.MoveDirection.X) == 1 and HumanoidRT then
			HumanoidRT.CFrame = * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(-90), 0)

This is because the mobile joysticks are analog, so they won’t reach 1 or -1.

so I don’t know what math.round is because that’s new so I’m ignoring it

Why? Because mobile joysticks won’t exactly be 100% X or 100% Y. They are never like that, so you will need to have a greater than / less than operator to determine the move direction instead. Like this: Humanoid.MoveDirection.X < 0

Not Worked When you move the joystick a little, it rotates constantly.

This is because the humanoid is still moving in the Z direction when you use the joystick, even when moving left to right, it is slightly moving in the Z direction.

okay but How can I fix ? .-.-.-.-.-.-…-

You can multiply the vector.

local MoveDirection = Humanoid.MoveDirection *, 1, 0)
and replace all other instances of Humanoid.MoveDirection with MoveDirection.

again giving bug .p -.-.-.-.-.-…-.-