Help about blurry SurfaceGui

Hello, I am making a screen for a machine, but my SurfaceGui is blurry.
I have been looking for answers, but nothing worked for me, I have tried setting PixelsPerStud to 300,
setting FixedSize and etc. but it would still be blurry.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!


can i have the model/place so i can mess about and try to find the clue?

I can give you just the screen and what it has

Simply change the PixelsPerStud property on the surface GUI.

Like the guy above me said, put pixels per stud to around 500 - 1000, you will have to redo size though

Increase the pixels per studs to increase the resolution for SurfacedGui

Didn’t know I could go above 300, thanks that does the job

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