Help about Roblox Studio

Whenever I open Roblox Studio this screen appears,

What do to? And what is this screen for?

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Since nothing’s displaying in the actual explorer, I’d assume something is corrupted. Try reinstalling Roblox Studio or something.


try to click the View tab and close stuff you don’t need, for example, I rather having workspace properties and output tab open.

here is an example

Please Just answer to my question, I don’t need suggestion.

The answer to why ur Roblox studio is so messy is probably you have too many tabs open in the view tab that covers up ur screen.

No I mean the green screen, How do I fix it?

That is the “No Graphics” mode in Studio Settings > Rendering > Graphic Mode. The default is Automatic, try changing to that. If that didn’t work, try other modes. You might also have problems with your graphics, specially if you can’t use roblox player, check for driver updates, windows version compatibility, and the available graphics APIs from your card.

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