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Hey guys!

So I’m creating a UK:RP (United Kingdom: Roleplay) game called City of Southend-On-Sea (based on an irl city), currently development is going good. We aim to be (hopefully) one of the best and most active UK:RPs on the ROBLOX platform, but to get there, I need some help.

I’m currently advertising the server every now and then on Discord, and very rarely am I advertising the group on ROBLOX via the advertisement system (I know advertising the group is bad) but thats only with 5 R$. My question is: How did you get your game/server popular? This doesn’t just apply to UK:RP, any game, I just need help :weary:.

Thanks for your help!
Harry / brivexvs


Do try to use social media platforms too! Platforms like TikTok and YouTube are best places to attract users, as it’s a place where people are able to create short content which can fill users in on the main context of a video, and help gain attention.

Try to convey information into a ~30 second video, so people don’t get bored and scroll past your videos.


Your best shot would be to get investors. People would tell you to make videos on Youtube or TikTok. Theoretically, they work. Except for the fact that your videos would only get twenty views, and that will take you years to start actually gaining popularity. What about finding a popular content creator? You’ll need to sponsor them. What about boosting your video’s views? You’ll need to pay Google AdSense. The cheapest way is by directly paying Roblox for on-site advertisements and sponsorships. It still costs. So now, it doesn’t matter how good your game is or how good your advert design is, whether if it’s an image or a video. Nobody will see it. You need money for people to see it. If you don’t have money for it, you have to sell shares. This is not a problem, every single legit company in the world have divided shares, so it’s a normal thing to do.


How much Robux will you need? Since this is a heavily player-based game, if you have an extremely good retention rate, I would still say at least 10K per day for two weeks. Yes, you’ve heard that right. We’re not just talking about a game night that’ll last a few hours with a few dozen players hyped and then the game dying the second day. I’m talking about really giving your game autonomous growth and survivability to continually gain players and profit.
If you want specific tips on marketing, I can certainly address some of your questions. But you’ll need to find the funds to advertise your game first. Seek discord servers, websites and developer hangout games for potential investors.


Thank you, will 100% take your ideas onboard. £1400 (10kx7x2 to gbp) is a lot for a 14 year old with only a few members on the team :joy: Do you have any tips to get investors?

When I was trying to market my games at first, I had little money, so I tried really hard to find investors. I didn’t actually find any, but I do have friends who’ve succeeded, and I’m also in certain communities where wealthy investors are common. I may not be allowed to share their investing offers directly, but I can give you some tips on finding genuine investors without wasting much time or getting scammed. People claiming to be investors can be found by searching in discord server locators, in Roblox developer hangouts and sometimes simply on Google. But not all of them are real.

  1. They should have a website or at least a well-made Discord server.
  2. They should have successful games or platforms.
  3. They should not demand unrealistically low shares. Real investors would ask for 20%-70%.

Do not send them the source file or any private files unless they can send in a sum of money for marketing first.
As for finding investors, try to dig really deep on Google, but one good way is to ask some famous or influential or experienced developers on the Forum if they know any investors. Don’t be ashamed to ask.

If you truly cannot find investors, one unsuggested way would be to buy some funds from collectors. Since the profit from selling Limiteds can not be DevExed, most collectors and traders may sell this profit directly to other users. I do not suggest this as it has a tiny risk of getting the transition cancelled by the moderators, but it is a feasible way that may give you an easier boost. It’s usually US$ 3.5 per 1K Robux.

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Thank you, will 100% try the “buying cheap” method. You’ve really helped our team grow with your tips, so thank you :heart:

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