[HELP] All of my transparent text labels are now visible even if TextTransparency == 1

I don’t really know if this is in the right category but for some random reason when I got home from school I noticed all the text labels in the game that have TextTransparency =1 are now visible and I don’t know why.

I figured out the issue. It appears TextTransparency no longer hides TextStrokeTransparency

If you can’t tell the “intermission” text label is not supposed to be visible. It has TextTransparency == 1 but textstroketransparency == 0

I know for a FACT that this is not normal, I’ve used TextTransparency == 1 since I started using roblox studio 2 years ago and this was never an issue. Was there a recent roblox update that changed this?

If so how do I revert the change? This has caused all my invisible text labels to have this issue.

I’m sure it’s not something related to scripts because trying to test this issue on a new base plate game has the same results

Does anybody know what’s going on???

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Are you doing a double equals in your actual code to try to set it?? If you are, use only one equals (=), as doing double equals (==) is for comparing only.
If not, please share any errors from your output/console, or provide the actual code.

There is no code, I manually set the Transparency to 1, I was just saying == to save time.
To reproduce the issue create a text label, set the TextTransparency to 1 and TextStrokeTransparency to 0, it will still render the TextStroke even though it’s not supposed to

Can confirm, TextTransparency used to control your text stroke as well as the text itself but this seems to have changed.

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I feel like this should be in bug reports, sadly I cannot post there

The issue has appeared to have fixed it self. All of my text labels have returned to their normal state.
Edit : it seems to have only be fixed for mobile devices, Pc/laptop players still find this bug annoying

I am somehow getting this issue currently in my studio file.

When copy and pasting the exact same ScreenGui to a different studio file, it seems to fix itself. After restarting my PC and loading up another file and doing the exact same, the text stroke seems to show yet TextTransparency is 1:

Image of properties

Image of UI

There is no UIStroke object acting on any of these.

Manually messing around with these properties doesn’t fix anything either.

For me the issue occurs in studio, however when i actually play the game the issue no longer happens, it might be a studio client bug


It has started happening to me in game now, even to published games.

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I can confirm I’ve been getting reports from my players about the same issue now, for some reason the bug does not occur when I play on a mobile device but it does occur when I play on pc/laptop
Edit : it occurs on all devices

Sometimes I wish I could post on the bug section of devforum

You can always message to @Bug-Support team while making reproduction steps and specific details you would like to add in. Although, make sure that it is really a bug and not an intended action!

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I also had this problem and noticed that when TextTransparency is 1 the TextStrokeTransparency will be visible anyways

I’ve sent a message to @Bug-Support about this issue