[help] Animation Issue

My viewmodel regularly without any animations is just 2 arms sticking out straight ahead with a gun on the right but when i activate the animation it doesnt start at the first keyframe immediately and instead it tries to adjust or like kinda lerp it’s position from the two arms sticking out to what the arms should look like in that keyframe while its moving to the next keyframes readjusting it to that new keyframe its moving to which makes the animation look wrong because it doesnt immediately get put to the first keyframe you can see here in this video where i first show what it looks like where its readjusting itself causing it so that the animation doesnt appear completely and then when i spam the animation activation it is able to readjust from its current position close to the first keyframe to the first keyframe!

Any idea on why its doing this? this is frustrating.

Are you using normal ROBLOX animations for this?

If so try setting the timepositon of it back to 0 when playing the first animation
For example:

Anim.TimePosition = 0
Anim:AdjustSpeed(1) --// To ensure that it doesnt change speed(Dont think its needed)