[HELP] Anti Cheat - Feature Support


So, I’ve been trying to make an advanced anti cheat. I’ve wanted to stop one of the biggest problems I have, which is CoreGUIs, saveinstance() and dex explorer. I don’t think it’s IMPOSSIBLE since I’ve clearly see MULTIPLE anti - exploits manage to stop that kind of stuff and would like to know how to stop that kind of stuff, meaning I want to know what features from roblox API or something I should use to detect that stuff.

Any anti cheat on client can be bypassed. I have been making games on Roblox for 5 years and have been using only server sided anti cheat for a long time. A few years ago I started to experiment by also adding client sided anti cheat detections.

You should never rely on only using client sided anti cheat, but you can hook remotes to auto ban for methods that cause 100% positive rates. Client sided detections do aid to get rid of exploiters using worse injectors and simpler cheats.

Server sided anti cheat should be there to threshold the maximum advantage cheaters can gain. (Server sided auto bans could then again lead to false positives with lag, ect… if not tested enough)

Also yeah pretty obvious, but add sanity checks to remote events. watch out for people sending tables instead of instances this got me good when I was starting out.

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Thanks! All that should help a bit!

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