Help, anyone can say me how to do a shop script gui?

Hello world, today i’m making a game and i need if someone can help me make a store script.
I am not a scripter, but I would like someone to tell me how to do it so that in that store I can add objects and sell them at a price; something like objects that are added

someone help me with this?

when you pass the level; you earn points, and after you can buy an item

You can use the items in the games; something like hell tower

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I could. So, you want only a gui opening or the whole thing with buy etc?

Since we don’t really have much informations.

a store that opens when you touch the button (shop) and shows you the different items to buy (with robux) and use in the game

I assume a simple script like that (local script) inside of your button would be perfect:

local shop = script.Parent.Parent

shop.Visible = true

Yeah, you could do this but to be more efficient, do

local shop = script.Parent.Parent.Hello
-- Name the Hello to the frame (GUI) you want to open

shop.Visible = true
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but inside the script, to add the items, didn’t you have to put asterisks the name of the object so that it was placed?

No, you simply design it, please open another post for help with the buy buttons being scripted.

haha I only know how to do a variant

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Anyways. Maybe mark this post at the solution so others know that this is solved!

ok, tsym for the help **:slight_smile:


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No since if the gui name changes, it’s will error.

If you wish, I can script a model for you and give it to you. If so, just reply me.

Change the “Hello” to the GUI name, simple.

oh tsym for the help :DDDDD

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Changing it everytimes would be a disaster.

And? Considering this is a small game and a small gui, it wouldn’t be a “disaster”

Your not in position of saying that. There may be revamps.

Well when there is a revamp, fix the script.

There’s no reason to make a discussion on it. The best way of doing this is making a script like this:

script.Parent.Visible = true

I made a similar file you can tweak it as you wish to get the expected outcome
myshopGui.rbxl (40.6 KB)