Help at optimizing buildings


I’ve been developing buildings for a year now, but only a few days ago I just realized that most of my builds aren’t “optimized” due to multiple factors.

I would like to ask for tips and suggestions on how to optimize my buildings while also keeping the detail in my builds.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Group your parts, it makes your toolbox cleaner, reduces lag in studio and in game, and is very simple to do.

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I have a tutorial here you may find helpful in the right circumstance, but otherwise I’d recommend learning how to import smaller models into Blender and optimize them within there.

It’s also important to note, optimization is only relevant if you’re intending to make a game and that you’re exceeding a reasonable part count (20,000 or lower is fine on most devices, it also matters how close together these are)

If you’re building a showcase or something that doesn’t need to be accessible, don’t stress or waste time on optimization.

Not sure if it actually reduces lag. Besides the fact that this is probably a micro-optimization, adding an instance into workspace wouldn’t reduce lag, it’d only create more (most likely negligible though, use models if you need to!).

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Well, you can turn off shadows for parts that don’t need them.
Turn unions into meshes.
Enable streaming. (If it’s a big map)
Reducing particles, and using bigger textures for particles.
Delete unnecessary parts and unanchored parts.
Hope this helped!