[Help]Can someone give me tips on building cities?

Hi There,I am currently working on making city. I had some difficulties on making a good plan for it and i am aiming for realism but i also want to join many types of skyscrappers from around the world to one city to make it the best it can be.
I made plans for the city but i am not used to it as it’s new for me.
Do anyone have some ideas from past experience?
Thank you for your time!!


If you want realism, you’ll get about as realistic as you can get looking at a real building. I would also recommend using meshes where parts just won’t work.


Get some reference photos start by making the layout then start building

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I just finished a day ago Bangkok, Thailand, and I can tell you a little bit about my experience.


  • Make sure you establish and understand the size, if you already made a plan, it will help you to know where to stop and where to start, it is important that you know what your doing if you planning to use your time wisely.
    Knowing where the buildings are going to be, where the iconic places are placed and which specifically, is there any terrain or nature, where? where are the parks going to be located? how many (example) supermarkets are going to be? position them in the plans, etc.

  • Establish your limits, if you are working alone, a city depending on the size and detail can take a long time even if you work 8 hours a day, this depends of course in your abilities so make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, how much time you have for working on it, and also, if it is worth for you to get into a project like this.

  • Use parts for roads, unlucky it is a little hard to use textures for road system making, so using parts will be the best.

  • This is an important one : Name things, It sounds obvious but sometimes it isn’t, you just start building and suddenly, you have 10000 items with the name “Part” and “Model” and you like… huh, its always better to have a dope organization.


  • If this is a personal project, feel free to just let your imagination flow, but if it is for a client, make sure you use your time for accomplishing what your client is asking for, not what you would like to do, of course this varies depending on everything but what I mean is make sure you do what they want you to do, and dont let your imagination just control you.

  • Start big and end small, what do I mean with this is: Start with the huge things, with the road systems, with the buildings, with the common areas, with the big stuff, and leave the little details for the last. (Little tip: the details is what makes the city look pretty, so you have to be patient until you get to that phase)

  • If you aiming for realism, make sure you pay attention to stuff like the lighting and atmosphere, use fog, color correction, blur, sun rays, and other important stuff, just make sure you use it correctly and dont extreme it, extreme blur just doesn’t let you see, extreme sun rays just look horrible and for color correction the same, if you dont know anything about these I would recommend you to search tutorials.
    Oh and another thing, if you have 150 robux you can buy a skybox plugin that has a lot of nice atmospheres and skyboxes that adapts your lighting to it, its called “Atmos”

  • One of the best tips I can give you is use Roblox studio for simple things, like sideways or roads, but try to use programs like Blender, for all the buildings and monuments, Blender is just way better than Roblox studio for modeling, and If you know how to use it, you can save a lot of time.


I think that Is all that comes to my mind right now, hope this helps you.


Thank you for advise it really helps a lot!!

Everyone has different approaches when building or creating a city try different options and build around that. Start with a single road, then after drawing a layout you’ll need to place your buildings put all important objects in their proper areas, you could even sketch your layout it may be difficult at the start by it’s more of a learning process.

From my understanding usually building an entire city start out basic you need to plan your layout and see what you want inside your city looking at existing games or images could give you a proper more understanding on what I want in my city.

Draw your layout, know how many intersections will be placed within your design you want it to look like, variety of sizes expand the map add taller buildings. It may take some time and patience to get a fully detailed city or something simplistic at the start since your more of a beginner.

Start out simple, then as you go on, add in more and more small important details - objects. Will create a much more better experience always us images or look at existing games, it will act as a guide when creating a city or finding a proper layout:


I have constructed huge large cities with minimum lag and great detail, here are some tips:

  1. Do not use ANY unions, I don’t care if its just one. In my experience I would have great maps with no unions that run fine with even a lot of people in it, but when I would put at least one union in, people will tell me about the lag, and I ended up putting two and two together.

  2. Focus on the main aspects of what you are building, some thing pop out more then others is what you want for a large build. If it is too boring, it will push people away, if its too nice, it’ll push people away. You want that middle ground ALWAYS!

  3. Have a scale of the map, and if the scale is nice but small, keep expanding the lands. A thing I see with a lot of developers is that they close off their map way too quickly, and that honestly doesn’t let people want to explore when they know the map already.

  4. Finally most importantly, if you have a huge beautiful sighting of a city from afar and all, its going to want to make the player even walk 5-10 minutes to visit that city. People love visually pleasing things, so you really need to get good angles for where to put players at so they can be astonished as soon as they hit the server

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Well citys take a lot of parts, and because of that, I know for sure if you are building background details for the city where the player cannot access, only build the part where the player can see the buildings, and build them like using textures, and don’t use too much parts. Also only use unions for adding holes into things and when you REALLY need them, they take up much more processing power than a model, and should only be used for adding a hole into a part, and moving objects. Also try adding cartoony trees and skyscrapers which have no door as decorations.


This is a city I made with no unions, I believe people on roblox should stop using unions and begin to use mesh because it has made a huge difference especially in the creation of HUGE Fairly Detailed maps.

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The reason people would use unions is maybe because of that it sorta solves problems, while never having to go out to roblox studio, but mesh’s can be a great replacement for unions, but also, roblox treats meshs as one part, with one color, which is not too good.


There is an thing to this, I get what you are saying but unions still cause me lag so this is what I did. I basically turned any unions I had into mesh to improve performance.

Basically you save your union to file as on obj. get a mesh part, click the folder in the mesh part and it turns that union into a mesh.


I used unions for the window placements for an easier time, did the union-mesh transfer and deleted the unions that existed in the same place.

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If you want realistic, add a lot of details. Also play with the lighting, it makes the whole thing better.

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Yes things can be simple yet detailed, its all about playing with around with what you got that makes the environment realistic. Though I realized overbearing on details lag city games.

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You might want to look at reference images and make the best of those builds you can make. Also, make sure you play around with lighting since its what makes the game stand out. Good luck!

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