[HELP!] Cannot do anything with the new rigged model (Custom Rig as StarterCharacter)

Hey devs! It’s my first time rigging things in roblox. So recently I was planning to do a project that involves custom character. That means rigging will be required to make the custom character I want. So basically I don’t know much about rigging. Since I am interested, I decided to give it a try. I was surfing through youtube tutorials till I found this: [Kind of outdated, read pin comment] Make custom character for your game | Roblox Studio - YouTube

I have followed everything it told me to do. But the problem is when I test the game. It does spawn me as the custom character, doing the same animation and stuff. But the problem is I cannot move, jump. Literally! I legit can’t do anything literally. I’ve checked my controls in Help in Roblox Menu, I’ve seen the controls seems to be fine. None of them tampered.

Here are screenshots:

When the StarterCharacter spawns:

After pressing reset (As you can see that the head floats even it’s unanchord. It’s a union by the way):

Then when I respawn:

As you can see in the third screenshot, my character seems to be like falling forever. Like its floating in the air like stuck even though everything inside my character is unanchored except for the HumanoidRootPart (PrimaryPart). It’s just like doing the fall animation forever.

I do not know what’s causing all of these bugs. Maybe because of an roblox update it does this? I have been rigging this properly. I barely even play with this character properly because I cannot do anything. Can’t move, can’t jump etc.

Here’s everything what’s inside in the StarterCharacter (Rigged Custom Model):

HumanoidRootPart Properties:

CanCollide = false
Anchored = true

LowerTorso Properties:
CanCollide = false
Anchored = false

All Body Parts Properties:
Can Collide = true
Anchored = false

That’s all I’ve got to say. If you have any solutions, ideas, suggestions? Reply below! Feel free to download the place file! (.rbxl)

Here’s the place file:
Baseplate.rbxl (157.4 KB)

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I don’t anchor the HRP, and never had any trouble with custom characters.

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Wow. Fast Solution. Awesome! Thanks for the help!

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