[Help] Car won't drive properly (whole car is massless)

So I’m making a car, everything works fine and stuff, but my only problem is that the car won’t move properly because it seems heavy, I’ve had this issue before with my previous cars, I contacted the dude who fixed it for me, he said he only put the car on massless which I did as well, but car still acts like it has mass

Hollar at me in the replies if you got a solution for me

(The car only moves a bit if I start turning it)


Try following this series of tutorials by Roblox. These are really helpful, they may be outdated but they work.

It’s not the chassis, it’s the main car body that is a problem

How much Torque is in the wheel HingeConstraints? It should be fairly high.
What AngularVelocity are you using to drive the wheels? I usually try for a number like 10 to start out with.
Are the wheels hitting the Body and slowing down? There’s an item in the Studio Settings PhysicsSettings tab that’s a checkbox named PhysicsSettings.AreContactPointsShown. It’ll put a red sphere where Parts are colliding when your are testing. If the wheels are touching anything they you will see it.
How Dense are your wheels, and what is their Friction set to (both are in BasePart.CustomPhysicalProperties). Less Dense wheels sometimes don’t perform well, and if the Friction is too low they’ll just spin, or it’ll affect steering.

Everything is great, it’s the same settings as my previous cars, nothing is hitting the body cuz the collision is off for it, wheels are fine

Do you have the front wheels turning one direction and the back wheels turning opposite?

Back wheels don’t turn, only front ones

I need help please, I don’t know how to fix this, car won’t drive forward or reverse

Hey you can try checking hinges, welds, constraints, suspensions, attachments etc.

There is a default roblox car package which you can search in toolbox. The script is very simple and it works.

I’m a person that likes to make things myself to learn from it, I know how to code cars it’s constraint issues

Yes, but the video explains how the Constraints work. It’s great that you are learning how to do it yourself, but if you run into an issue there’s a lot of tuturials out there that could help explain why you’re having issues.

What I was asking about the wheels turning wasn’t about them steering. Do you have the front wheel hinges rotating forward while the rear ones are trying to rotate backwards?

If you’d like PM me a copy of the Model in a roblox file and I can take a look at it.

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