Help Centering UI for all Screens!

I’m trying to figure out how to center and size my team changer UI for all screens!

I’m having no luck, after doing almost everything, and am coming here for tips and tricks.

Heres what I’ve tried:

  • UIGridLayout
  • UIScale
  • UIAspectRatioConstraints
  • Messed with the (X,Y) Offsets
  • Tried looking onto another size monitor to try to size (I know this wouldn’t work)
  • Downsizing the ui itself, but still didn’t do the trick.

My problem is that my monitor is 2560 x 1440, and when I center and make my UI, it’s way too large and not visible for others with smaller monitors.

Any help will do!

Offsets are the problem. You want to entirely remove offsets from the equation and replace it with Scale.
Here is an example:
Offset - (0, 365, 0, 365)
Scale - (0.365, 0, 0.365, 0)
You can see the difference here is which number is in the first number of the two sets or not. Also, a Scale that equals (1, 0, 1, 0) will cover the entire screen, no matter what.

Protip: You will not have to change position coordinates, they are automatically set to Scale (unless you changed them for some reason)

You’re welcome!

EDIT: The best method of removing Offset is to open size’s X and Y drop-downs in your properties and set everything to 0 (including Scale), then set Scale to 0.1. You will be able to drag-to-resize on your screen.

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Roblox automatically adjusts the offsets to be this way (the way you said to have it):

Sorry, but I think you misunderstood. Or we both did. I forgot that it was called Scale and instead said Size. I’ll edit the post.

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to add onto what @ZurichBT, you can also utilize anchorpoints to help make sure when it scales, it stays in that center point. Heres an example of me using it (not trying to advertise, just helpin):


Anyways, now that the post is edited, after you have changed it to Scale, run the GUI on an emulator and see if it works. If some elements are not resized, make sure to fix that issue. All GUI elements, frames or not, have to be in Scale in order to resize and whatnot.

This helped me:

If you want to center a UI, simply set the anchor point to


and the position to

0.5, 0, 0.5, 0