Help choosing icon

So I made this really simple icon/pfp for myself and I wanted your opinions on it and to see which icon I should use

Option 1
Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 14.09.57

Option 2

  • One
  • Two
  • Other (tell ideas in reply)

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Didn’t know what it was until the 2nd one, a head with a headstack and crown? Two is definitely better.

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I completely agree with this and so do other people as it seems so I shall use option 2. Thank you

Option two for sure. I get what you were trying to do with the first one but sometimes, too many lines direct the eyes all over the place and often makes it a confusion image to process. However, the second image is very clear and the blacked in parts make it much more understandable! Well done on the work though, it’s looking clean!

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I agree with other replies in that image 1 doesn’t readily tell you what the image is describing.
I, however, don’t like image 2 so much, as it sort of looks a bit like ice cream (sorry). Maybe if you remove these lines (marked in image), it would look better, since that is what is so confusing. After that, I think that keeping image 1, with the lines I told you about removed, but also with maybe gray shades would make the design much cooler and personal. You could add shades, for example, around the edges of the interior part of the crown where the bars of the crown would give shade, or at the base of the crown.

Here is the image of what I mean by the shades. You could do something like this (obviously with much better shades that the ones I drew haha).

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Not bad! I think the 2nd one is easier to tell what it is rather than the first, the overlapping lines make it confusing at first.

Try considering adding color (doesn’t need to be complicated, just flat colors could work depending on what your accessories are. Also, you could add shading instead to bring volume and make your profile simple but pop at the same time.

Keep it up!

I’m guessing this is kind of what you said:

Yeah, if this counts as option three, I would like to change my vote.

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