[HELP CREATE] Developer Community

I’m looking for someone to make a developer community group on Roblox with. Targeted towards moderate or improving developers and artists. Would prefer someone who has a good history on the platform and has friends and allies that can help us grow. There is no pay but you will get to be a Co-Owner of a cool developer community. DM me on Discord if interested: sizzle#7179

I have already made the group I just need someone to help it grow


Can you tell us more?
What does the person have to actually do? Is there pay or is this a volunteer thing?

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This post needs more information! Use the template to help you out!

Aight I’ll add more stuff :hidere:

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Ooohh, I was confused lol. Wasn’t mad, might have sounded like it though. I’ve just never seen the “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 1 hour unless flagged)” message and was curious :smiley:

So am be that guy and pop the question what’s stopping you from making the group?

First off, the right template is not followed as stated by alot of people. Also, we need information about the company. There are different types of developers, which one does this group focus on?

Already made it. I’m just looking for someone to grow it. :hidere:

I’d be interested in helping out

I am interested in helping out! :hidere:

Contact me on discord: ElucidDeveloper#9492

  1. We need more information on the group. What is the groups name? What exactly is the group about?

  2. What exactly do we have to do while working for your group?

  3. What are the qualifications to work at your group?

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It isn’t much of a company, it is more of just a fun community where different developers such as the following can hang out:

-etc you get the gist all types of developers and stuff

Hey sizzles, you looking for animators?

What does “hanging out” mean? Is it just a group to chat on? If so then why do you need a “Co-Owner” is it just for moderation?

Well, once I have the server ready you can definitely join. I don’t need one personally but maybe someone else does!

Well I just need someone to grow the group and stuff

Message me if you need a logo. Ill do it free of charge

This is my portfolio

Basically just a laid back developer community for developers artists and Robloxians alike lol
Will have like giveaways events etc
Generally just a fun and helpful server for devs

If you aren’t hiring developers to work on a project, this doesn’t belong here, what I can tell for this bland post is you just trying to gain members for a community of yours, which isn’t allowed. Refer here:


This category is where developers can post job offers for long-term partnerships or short-term contract work for the development of their projects, and where other developers can find work opportunities.

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Wait dang it, I thought I posted this in collaboration. Didn’t I? Im new to the forum lol