Help creating a factorio inspired conveyor system

To summarize; I’m wanting to create a conveyor system similar to games like Factorio and Satisfactory. In Factorio the separate conveyor tracks are independent of each other and if something holds up one part of the conveyor, the ones leading up to it also yield until possible to move again. Here is a video from twitter that i found to give a great visual example of something similar to what i want to achieve!

Keep in mind, this will be simulating possibly tens of thousands of parts per server, and so I’m just reaching out to anyone who might have an efficient way to do so?

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Hey there, been trying to find help for this exact type of system but haven’t seen much.
Have you gotten any new info on this?

Seems quite a few other people have had this question as well, considering the 100+ views.

so ive got a few things in mind that could POTENTIALLY be used

1: using data structures as queues

2: multi-threading

3: optimization by minimizing the load on roblox’s physics engine

but i have absolute no idea in mind on how to create this yet

remember, i could be incorrect, dont use me as a truthful information source

Happy holidays and good luck with this project!