Help creating a plugin button's GUI ---> [ PLEASE HELP ] <---- UNSOLVED!

Hello I just created a new plugin and I noticed that the GUI doesnt scale to the size of the widget causing it to go off screen

How do I make it so my widget doesnt do that and scales with it?

When I try setting it to scale 1,0,1,0 it does this

Here is my code:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("Easy Monetization")
local pluginButton = toolbar:CreateButton("EZ Monetization", "Start selling now!", 'rbxassetid://0')
local info =, false, false)
local widet = plugin:CreateDockWidgetPluginGui("TestPlugin",info)
widet.Title = "EASY monetization!" --Giving title to our widget gui
script.Parent.Frame.Parent = widet

		widet.Enabled = not widet.Enabled

why isnt anyone helping me :frowning:

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