Help deciding between _G or return values?

Hello there devforum. This is my second post today, and I am asking for your feedback on this. I am making admin panel, and to commit any actions, a player must be selected.

My function to use a administrative command will only work IF a player is selected.
To get this value, I am planning on using remote functions to first get the player selected, then save the player as a variable. When my command is called, it will check if player actually has a value. If it is 'nil" or it has no value, the command will not run.

Should I try and do what I said above or use _G to accomplish this?
I’m not pretty experienced with _G but it shouldn’t be had to learn.

Also, feedback on the current GUI please?

_G and return are VERY different. Return is used when you want a function to call back a value. _G is a lua global which means a variable that can be called from any script. _G is also deprecated and should not be used, it is recommended to use module scripts for stuff like this now but for stuff like this I would return

I actually ended up returning _G, and hear me out, here is why.

I am checking for _G in MULTIPLE scripts, which is why I think it makes sense for it to be global. Sure, I could add it to a module script, but I fixed my problem and it ended up working very smoothly.