[Help] Difficult to decide what game to make

I’m posting this here, because i personally don’t think there’s a better category to do this in (if there’s better one please let me know, i’m still kinda new to devforum)
So i kinda have and idea on how to make a game more appealing to kids or the more mature fanbase, as i plan to make robux so i can invest it in further growth of my one-man company.
But the reason i’m posting here, is that i have a personal dillema, whether make it more appealing to kids, or adults/teens
I feel like making it more appealing for kids, would make me robux faster, but kids would get bored quickly, and i kinda don’t want to become a sellout, but on the other hand if i make it appealing for more mature fanbase, it may be beneficial in a long run, since teens/adults don’t get bored as easily and it may net me more robux, but the game would take off much slower, or won’t at all, and all my work would go down the drain.
This is bugging me for the past few days, as having robux would be nice, since i’m hybrid between player and developer, it would let me both buy products from other games, and would help my own one-man company, to maybe even cease being one-man.
I just don’t want to full-on commit to a project, only to recieve nothing in return, this happened to me in the past, and i don’t want repeat of it.


To be honest, I think it will be much better for the game to appeal to the mature audience more. Most children that play games will tend to play it and forget it afterwards. Meanwhile for the older players, having a good game plot, a nice environment will make their experience more memorable. Also they have different kinds of social media to spread out your game and you can have a nice name around the community.
About having more or less robux, it really depends on you. If you just want the quick cash, of course it will be better if you target the younger audience. But if you want your audience to really enjoy your creation, invest time and effort on the game, and for you to have fun with the roblox community, I believe that targeting the older group will definitely be a better choice. In the end, it’s all up to you, but this is what I think of your idea.


Thanks, you see having robux is good for everyone, but i also value community the game might develop, i will try to interact with the community if i ever get one, now i understand, that as game gets more popular, it becomes increasingly hard to do, but i don’t take my games for piggybank (I admit that i did that in the past though) but i’m trying to improve, even if very slowly.

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One simple way to start out is within the Roblox cafe industry/restaurant industry, you can apply business knowledge and marketing strategies to make money, and go for a lower-aged target audience easily via the game design, how the game, GFX and feel is designed.

This is often an easy place to start out, if you’re having trouble deciding a game to make, personally I started there and I’ve worked my way up to be in great places!
I’d so some research personally, at least that’s what I suggest.

Good luck deciding what you’d like to do! :slight_smile:

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You see company type games are kinda overused, i would go for it, but it’s not really my thing, since i started playing in the era of senseless destruction, and if i had some scripting skills, i would make a game about that, i tried looking up various guides how to script, both on devforum and not, but i don’t seem to get it just yet, i even tried inserting a free model, and dissecting it’s code, anyways i went offtopic, but i think, that everyone here can relate, that one of the hardest parts while creating a game, is the very core idea of it itself, i had some gread and original ideas throught the years, but had to shelve them because i lacked skills/knowledge. Either way thanks for suggestion, i may even try to look for contracts for other developers, but that’ll be hard because scripters are hot commodity, because they make games actually function.