Help disabling sprinting while crawling

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Can’t you just create a boolean variable and make it true the player is crouching and make it false when they stop crouching and just check that?


You could make a boolean value and check if the boolean value is true when the player presses the sprint key.
Just change the boolean value to true/false on the crawl script.
I just read the reply above me…


I don’t know much about what u said but I will watch some vids about it thank you so much

Sorry to be a bother but how do I make a boolean

A boolean is a simple true or false variable:

local boolean = true
local boolean = false
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Ok one more question I know I’m probably bothering you but I ain’t good at scripting which script would I put this in? The crawling or the sprinting

You’d do something like this:

uis.InputBegan:Connect(function(input, proccess)
    if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.LeftShift and not crouching then
      -- 'crouching' would the boolean variable to check
      -- code to sprint here

You’re not.

In the function that makes the player crouch, you can do this when they enable it:

crouching = true

and this when they disable it:

crouching = false
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im getting that error

Switch uis with UserInputService

Bruh my wifi cut out can I text u back in like 10 mins?

And before it cut out I tryed what u said and it was still red

Actually, there’s another problem, don’t wrap the entire script under the UserInputService.InputBegan. What I meant by -- code to sprint here was to call the function that makes the player sprint, not the entire script.


Like this ^

Ohhh my bad sorry I will try it when I come back my wifi is being dumb thanks for helping me I will let u know soon

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My wifi is being very bad but my function for my sprint would be “sprint” right?

It’s what you set it to, in this case, yes, because that’s how it’s declared:

Yea my wifi isn’t working I can still create just not save my game so ima write the scipy and send u a picture and can U tell me if it’s right? Also how do I send pics on mobile

Don’t mind the errors at the bottom it happens every time my wifi stops working but I did everything u told me to tell me what I did wrong

Very sorry I’m if im bothering I really want this to be fixed

Put the new event listener near the bottom of the script and remove the old one. The listener should look like this:

uis.InputBegan:Connect(function(input, processed)
   if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.LeftShift and not crouching then
       sprint("Began") -- lowercase 's' ; variable names are case-sensitive