[Help] Empty Space

Problem: Hello, I need help filling in another space.



Game: Super Aircraft Carrier - Roblox

Edit 1: Game Link
Edit 2: Removed the inside, now doing the outside space. (Now that I think about it, I should posts all pictures)
Edit 3: Too lazy to type this

Try to decorate it whit the game style or make it more smaller , it happends when you make bigger rooms and dont decorate it , try to decorate walls and floor

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What rooms do you propose to add? Also, thanks.

Hm… I dont know what do you want to build

You could possibly add tools or aircraft tires.

If it’s an aircraft carrier I’d probably fill it with a plane, or another cool idea would be a jet repair room.
You could have different parts of an airplane there maybe with some tools etc.

Maybe you can add pipes and a little control panel, or some sort of engine room, like turbines or so on and so forth.

Make it your own style.

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On the top you could add a landed spaceship that is damaged and getting repaired, with cargo being dropped off from it. The inside, well I don’t really know, you could add some cargo and maybe a storage with some vehicles that move that cargo? Nice work tho!

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