Help establishing Rojo

So, I see that a lot of people use Rojo and VSCode so I’m going to try and switch over. But, I’ve been getting frustrated on how to properly set it up (the tutorial is very confusing and I barely understand it, sorry if I sound dumb), and even if I set it up correctly I would still need some help on how to establish a good workflow/framework. Can anyone help please?

How do you properly set up rojo/how do you do your rojo workflow? (With VSCode)

Okay so I’ve figured out how to connect it.
But how do I set up luacheck so that it has the ROBLOX API?
And also, how do I put scripts in the actual services instead of it automatically going to ReplicatedStorage?

You need to install other plugins for typechecking and syntax highlighting. Just search up “Luau” and select the plugin that looks more appropriate to you.

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Thank you for replying. One more question, how do I get folders to be in the actual services instead of automatically going to ReplicatedStorage?

And do you use luacheck? Because mine doesn’t recognize words like “Color3” and “Enum”, etc
Sorry if I’m asking for a lot, I just need someone to show me the ropes of Rojo because there are basically no tutorials, and if there is I can’t understand them

I personally don’t. I use Selene, a Lua linter by Kampfkarren.

You insert a .toml file called selene into your project, with this:

And it will automatically generate that roblox.toml file so you can use Color3, Enum, etc

Alright. Does it automatically highlight those words, or is it just going to not throw a problem when it sees one of them?

They highlight for me.


Mine looks like this:


Think it might just be because of the theme I’m using though.

Did you use this extension for vscode?

Youe can select Rojo: Sync from here from the context menu and type the destination.

This isn’t worth the work unless you fully utilize what it has to offer.

I just figured out how to sync all of the services from VSCode, now my only problem is how to get my theme/syntax highlighting back.

In VSCode, everything has a color like this (this is VSCode in the image):

How do I get it to look like my old setup (this is Studio in the image) like this and only highlight syntax from the ROBLOX API? (Like leave regular text white, highlight built in functions, etc.)

If you need colors of your choice I think you might need to create your own extension.

Or you could try editing the JSON settings part for a syntax highlighting package in SublimeText3 instead of vscode.

There doesn’t seem to be any settings for this, but you can always customize the font and colors.

Might want to look for an extension that

Roblox* btw

or even write your own.


Damn that sucks. I guess I’ll stick with this theme because this is the closest I can get

Really I’m only switching to Rojo to help keep myself organized, and since it’s a seperate tab I have way more space to see the script, etc. I guess this is the price to pay to get this, but it isnt a huge problem

You can enlarge the script-editor window as well:

Yeah i know, but it gets annoying having to keep putting it back in and switch tabs just to get back to the workspace