Help evaluating sell price for different UI styles

Hey. I’m trying to find a rough estimate on what these types of UIs will sell for so I’m able to determine what the community market values are for any type of work.

  1. First one is composed of a lot of images and is very customizable because of the use of sliced imaging made directly from Photoshop. The theme here is an MMORPG-esque feel.

  2. The second one relies heavily on the elements ROBLOX provides. UI has been made with a huge attention to detail, to feel like you’re actually playing a whole different game.

  3. A more modern but minimalistic approach.

  4. Last one also works with the built in ROBLOX elements, but it is hastily done, however, the uses of smooth tweening differentiates it from others.



Wow! Amazing work! Even if these aren’t scripted, they’re still amazing.

Example One: 4,000 Robux, or more!
Example Two: 7,000 Robux, or more!
Example Three: 2,000 Robux, or more!
Example Four: 4,000 Robux, or more!

These are all just my opinions.

If you're looking for critique

My only complaint is that Example Three and Four look too small. Also, Example Four looks a bit flat. I’d change the font, or add more colors and elements. Besides that, these are great and professional-looking work UI’s.

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I agree with this pricing, stunning work! If you’re selling your services I would recommend using an hourly rate.


Appreciate the response! All of these are mostly visually scripted just so I can have a feel for them :slight_smile:
Yeah, all of these are pretty much scraps, the last two were fairly rushed, only focusing on the motion visual aspect.
Thank you again for your evaluation, I didn’t think my work would be rated so high :smiley:

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I would say to switch examples 1 and 2 because number 1 looks more complex.

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If we’re going by which ones look the most appealing; it would be 3 and 4 which I would recommend pricing those higher. Although 1st and 2nd one look like there is more scripting involved.