Help exploiters raiding my game

I need help in my game some exploiter has leaked scripts for infinite things to v3rmillion that caused tons of exploiters raiding my games AND I JUST GOT KICKED how is that possible to get kick??? i don’t have any remote event that can kick and i am using adonis admin so idk what is going in I need help is there like a way to call roblox staff to my game or something

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Can you provide the game link just to make it easier to know what we are talking about?

They are also disliking the game

You may have a backdoor hidden inside of your game.

Consider pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F and search for ‘require’.

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There is nothing weird all requires are safe and from adonis loader

Adonis Admin is currently having issues with exploiters. Just disable your game/adonis for now until the creator of the Adonis loader is fixing it.

Here’s the official announcement from Sceleratis (developer of Adonis Admin):

Make sure your ‘Adonis loader’ isn’t made by anyone else other than it’s original owner.

Can you tell me what is the original owner name?

You’re most likely be witnessing a vulnerability in Adonis admin from the exploits, they certainly have an ability to bypass and gain access to admin.

Also welcome to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, a place for scripting help and not really much about exploits and how to counter them.

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I’m pretty sure its “Sceletaris”

Right so from looking at the script. You should try securing the remotes, for an example;
if user gets more than 100 coins or anything at a time you kick them and remove the amount that they would of gotten.

Another thing to do is to make remotes require a key, for an example RemoteEvent:FireServer(100,100, “Egg”) and if an exploiter doesn’t understand what the 3rd statement means or even is then when fired without the right argument then it just won’t make the remote work.

Its related to scripting so I didn’t have another place to put in tho

We done that already in last shutdown but how the hell I got kicked here is the point

I could help you here if you invite me to team create but that’s your own choice.

Read my reply, it maybe can help you.

Well that is the same person I got it from

That is already was dealt with this plus I have another game I own and I was kicked already but like was months ago

I don’t know really I cant trust anyone for now…

This is going on with a lot of different admin loaders. However, there’s plenty of patches that users have been pushing out on here to stop name spoofing and all you have to do is a simple search here on the forums to find it. If that’s what’s going on in his game, then that patch will help you greatly.