Help Find Documentation for :SetVerb

I was looking through roblox’s localscript for the loadinggui, and I found a function that was causing an error: Instance:SetVerb(). I have no idea what it does or what it is for.

Anything helps,

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this is the first link that comes when i searched for it

but its not :SetVerb its :SetVer fsr

I don’t see what you are saying.


It has been removed that’s why you can’t find anything

 Removed Function GuiButton:SetVerb
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Thanks, but I already knew that. What I’m trying to find out is what it used to do.

Apparently it had something to do with text and button style.

But why do you need to know? It won’t do anything, it’ll just error if you try to call it.

I could only find this regarding :SetVerb which is pretty much the same Judgy_Oreo found:

Class GuiButton
	Property bool GuiButton.AutoButtonColor
	Property bool GuiButton.Modal
	Property bool GuiButton.Selected
	Property ButtonStyle GuiButton.Style
	Function void GuiButton:SetVerb(string verb) [RobloxScriptSecurity]
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton1Click()
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton1Down(int x, int y)
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton1Up(int x, int y)
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton2Click()
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton2Down(int x, int y)
	Event GuiButton.MouseButton2Up(int x, int y)

So, the particular function took for a parameter a string and did not return a value. That’s all I could find about it.

I’m trying to figure out what it used to do so I can replicate it within a script that requires it to work.

It’s locked to Roblox CoreScripts/internal engine code (it has the [RobloxScriptSecurity] tag), what script are you looking at?

I am looking at roblox’s old CoreGui scripts. I would’ve thought that was obvious.

I knew it had to be a CoreScript, but what specifically and why.

Well, I am trying to fully understand how the loading GUI functions and why it does certain things.

Is it specifically for an older version of it? The code to the current version is there online.

:grimacing:Yeah, the current one is quite disgusting. I am exploring one made in 2014 (hence the deprecated function).

Can you show how :SetVerb is being called in the older version?

The only thing I can say is weird in the code are the FFlag references, since developers can’t access those methods (as far as I’m aware), but most of it doesn’t seem too bad IMO from a structural standpoint.