Help finding 2 vectors orthogonal to a surface normal

To avoid misunderstanding, I need help finding 2 vectors orthogonal to the surface normal of a Raycast/Basepart, and the main problem is that I don’t know which 2 vectors to use.

You could use an implicit equation then see which vector closely matches to that. Given what you describe the vector which is orthogonal is actually something i recognize from computer graphics, its the ray plane equation.

0=normal:Dot((o+d*t) - pointOnSurface)

That works out to like (from my raytracer)

float calcScalarPlane(Ray ray, Plane plane) {
  float t = dot(plane.normal, plane.point - ray.origin) / dot(plane.normal, ray.direction);
  if (t > EPSILON) {
    return t;
  } else {
    //didnt hit
    return -1.0;

Or in lua like maybe (havent tested)

local function calcScalarPlane(o,d,n,p)
  local t = n:Dot(p - o) / n:Dot(r)
  local returnState = false
  if t > 0.001 then
    returnState = true
    t = -1 --prevent -inf stuff
  return returnState, math.acos(n:Dot((o+d*t) - o))

local r, a = calcScalarPlane(hrp,lookvector,normal, pointOnNormal)
if r then

Just do that for all the normal vectors of the player (make sure they unit vectors)

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