Help finding a tutorial for Save / Load script

Hi, I’m nanitook. Roblox player since January 2017. This year I want to be able to create my own games. I think I am learning quite quickly to program in LUA, with advice from other more experienced programmers.

I wanted to ask you if you know any tutorial that I can follow, or something similar, to create a script (in a GUI) in which the player can save his slot and load it when he connects again. I mean that the script, at the time of the user giving the order to save, save all the items that the user has in his slot, or constructions, etc.

I hope I don’t bother with this question.
Of course, thank you very much to all the developers who take the time to answer me, I really appreciate it because without their help, I could not achieve most of the things, since YouTube does not find tutorials of the most “difficult” programming in Roblox.
Regards, nanitook.


It really depends on your use case. There’s no one size fits all tutorial for data stores. Are you saving a leaderstat, positions, or something else entirely? Regardless, you’re going to want to read up on the basics of datastores on the DevHub. Afterward, I recommend coming back and creating a new topic, with more information about your scenario, what you’ve tried, etc.

Edit: @Physicism’s response was much more in-depth than mine.


YouTube may not really have many specific tutorials for examples like this, but what you’re asking for is a very unique request. There’s plenty of videos about Data Stores, which are pretty much a cover-all sort of thing when it comes to saving and loading anything!

Start small. First, learn how saving and loading works as @Secretum_Flamma said and kindly gave links to. Once you do that, figure out how you want your data values to be saved. How is your saving system going to work? Will it simply save the player’s level and XP or are you trying to create a sort of campaign game and save where the player last was?

Afterward, put it all in a GUI. This will require knowledge of how to make GUIs. You’re also likely gonna need knowledge on RemoteEvents since your GUI will be making requests to the server to save and load.

You must put in the work to create something like this. We can give you all the articles and videos you want, but you must read through them, practice, and then figure out how to piece it all together to create your Save/Load GUI. Good luck!


Thank you very much for your help, I will do what you explain in those links, and I will continue practicing.
If I have another question, I will consult you again.
Thank you so much!

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Thanks!! I will follow the steps of the links.