Help finding my start

I have the basic to building, coding, and other features in studio. What should i make for my first project?

*Note : I hope to gain knowledge and feel i learned something from this project, not so much to make money.

I recommend something like a simulator. They’re fairly easier on the scale of difficulty compared to something like an FPS game, and they can help you to learn simple scripting of very basic concepts!

Also, try to approach things very generally and small at first. Maybe try out a tutorial for a startup screen/loading screen, and take things from there! Just some advice.

Hope this helps!

I think you should make whatever interests you. A simulator is a great place to start if they interest you. I’m currently making a simulator for my first game and I have definitely learned a lot already. Good Luck, hope you have fun with whatever you decide to make.

Thanks so much, ima go watch a tutorial rn thanks alot! this helped.

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I’d honestly recommend making a sensual-based game. Could be as simple as a memory game with different types of things to remember such as sounds, designs, movements, or anything that you can remember to a speedrunning game where you use your different senses to cut down your time. I highly suggest working on motor-related scripts along with IK or animations to be a stronger solo developer.

There are many ones to start on as a first project, you could take what you learned and find something that spikes your interest.

As when tackling everything you will figure out what project to start on; adventure game, mini games with basic scripting ect. With the basic knowledge of coding you should create something you improve your skill level!

While there are a wide variety of things to pick from, I wouldn’t consider starting with a large game, however if that’s what your going for you could always experiment with it. With what you have been learning, always experiment with something small while diving into an interesting project that works best for you.