[Help] Finding Value of Sci-fi Ship Carrier

Hey, my name is AApocAAlypse and i’ve been building this for 2 days now (on blender) and i’ve exported to roblox studio, my main problems are to figure out the pricing for this thing.

This is a Sci-fi Spaceship Carrier, it consists of:

  • 6 Little Fighters
  • 4 Cruisers
  • And the Carrier Itself.

I have pictures of the carrier and its Fighters and what not here:


After you’ve done taking a look at the pictures please reply with a reasonable price for this., thank you! :smiley:


You’ve been building for just 2 days? That’s amazing! I would buy that for 50k robux or more. Incredible work!

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This is really good, I’d recomment atleast 20k+, around 30k.

Edit: Nvm this is easily worth over 50k because of the size and detail.