Help fixing network lag - server side issue?

My game Shoot Out is having persistent problems with network lag.

Every 4-5 minutes or so people start running on the spot. Network usage seems fairly health , never spiking into red and typically staying around 20-30/kpbs.

The cause of people running on the spot is ping, my ping randomly spikes to like 2000/3000ms, and it happens to everyone on the server at the exact same time suggesting its a server side issue.

I don’t really have much information beyond that, any help in suggesting what or might be, or ways I could gather more data to help me fix this issue would be much appreciated!

Edit: I’ve found some further evidence which might help to explain the issue:

When there is a lag spike, the server script rates drops to like 1/s instead of being at the regular 15/s

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Same issue on my game of recent happens. It gets to like 1000ms at max, never happened before the roblox recent update. In studio ping is around 20-40 which is very low, with a plane spawned goes to about 80-90 tops but never exceeds unless theres multiple players and planes about and even then never reaches past 200ms ping. I feel something has definately changed this update.

So the issue was the fact I added more analytics which overloaded the HMAC encoding process!

This issue is solved

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Ah glad its solved, seems its fixed itself atm for me aswell.