Help fixing up an advertisement GFX

I made this ad but I want to know what to fix.

Please leave feedback below!

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I think you should add some game background behind it related to the game.

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the cel-shading and shadows blending looks really weird, the head is too much inside the torso, legs have too many gaps from the posing, the text isn’t clearly seen so make text larger, the clouds lighting don’t exactly show, since there is a lot of fog and clouds in the background but 0 clouds and fog in foreground except legs, and that doesn’t even look that realistic. the metal body is really weird and the eyes or whatever also look weird, compiled with blood looking like eyeballs and the metal plate just being square and texture not even coming out.

if i were to rate this, it would be a 3/10
some problems in execution, but other than that i think its alright, keep up the effort!

They didn’t have any, other than terrain, which can’t be imported into Blender.

What do you recommend I do to the background to make it more realistic?

I can’t make the text larger, as there isn’t enough room.

I’m used to having background models, and more space to work in. Ads aren’t really my thing.

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The guy wants that model in the GFX so there isn’t much I can do.

I can’t tell if this clipping is intentional or not.

…then uh, take a screenshot of the game and blend it into the background a little LOL

Would be hard because of UI and the mouse.

And snip & sketch on Windows 10 hides the cursor!

I’m on mac, and don’t have access to Studio. I’m not a dev, he just left me with that one model.

Ask him to take a screenshot for you without the UI.

Guessed you would say that :wink:

I would say make it darker, you could make the mist a bit darker gray or even black.

It’s not bad, but I think you should make the text more appealing, so that it stands out to the viewers.
I think in order to make it larger you should format it like this:

(Make the “lake” in the center bottom". It’s just a suggestion though.)

If you wanted to make the eyes a bright red, I think you should make it glow, give it some creepier effect. Add a slight vignette around the ad to add to the atmosphere.

The posing could be improved, as the head’s inside of the torso. It looks very stiff.

Other than that, I love the fog, the style you’ve chosen. Keep it up!

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seems like the background is made up of entirely fog, which si never a good idea if you dont have that amount of fog in the FOREGROUND also, so I suggest you add waves of monsters or just i dont know, your game map? surrounded by fog?

I think game monster is the biggest problem.

For the text place each word on top of the other rather than left to right, it will allow you to make them larger and that is standard for a skyscraper ad.

This was not only extremely helpful, but also very encouraging!

Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

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