Help For my game ideas 2

So I made a topic about a week ago and I made up a poll with 3 options about what game should I make, and here’s the result:


So as you can see, Cook Noodles had more votes. I have another game idea, its called “Haircut Business Simulator”, I feel like its a great idea as well, But I cannot choose which one is the players gonna like, Cook Noodles or Haircut Simulator? Please vote :slight_smile:

  • Cook Noodles
  • Haircut Business Simulator

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what can I say, people like noodles.
Trust me, cooking games are super popular on roblox, there just aren’t very many of them.
Cook Burgers, Work at a Pizza Place, even the more simulator-like ones.


I would appreciate more info, as in is it like Bloxburg, where you customize the hair? Cooking noodles, how does it work? In general, cooking noodles sounds more unique and fun if developed correctly.

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So, the way my noodle cooking game works is that I want to make it very realistic. making players able to move objects easily like the games called “Cooking Simulator” and “Cook Burgers”, and making players not easily bored by making Easter eggs, hotels/apartments , quests, and much more!


Vote Vote! :slight_smile: (3030303303030303003)

I think the Cook Noodles would be an interesting concept!

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Just make both if you can’t pick one

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@LuigiLament @SyIverStar @Dev_Lightz @geometricalC2123
Sorry to bump in again but I just finished Cook Noodles! You can try the game now :slight_smile:

Feel free to play! (Dont forget to read the tutorial!)


WOAH! This game is epic!!! Great job dude!

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