Help for my GFX of my Game

I sponsored my game and it received 150,000 impressions, but unfortunately only resulted in 17 visits. I suspect that the game’s icon may be unappealing and is potentially deterring visitors from clicking on it. If possible, could you provide feedback or suggestions on how to improve my game? You can find the link to my game hosted on the Roblox platform here: [New] Infinite Obby ! - Roblox.
Game Icon :


The icon doesn’t say anything about the game context-wise, people wouldn’t think it was an obby game and could think it to be any other type of game. I personally don’t see it as an obby game, perhaps like an escape game like Piggy, but maybe others might.

Consider putting this logo that you made for one of the banners onto the icon of the game, maybe on the bottom right corner. And a new background, putting more of the obby in view so people know what’s up.

Like this banner that you made, people will definitely recognize this instantly as an obby game with a twist or two.