Help getting Group ownership back

So a few days ago my Roblox group has been compromised with over 4M+ Robux made in total and still ongoing. It was hacked by a RAT which gave the hacker remote control to my friend’s entire system, and overnight they stole my group holder account and transferred the group. Roblox Support seems to be no help as I have sent multiple tickets with no help, they believe I traded the group for real money and that there is no real indication of our account being compromised, even though they helped us retrieve our account back.

The reason I believe they think this is because the group was transferred through the same location the account has always been logged into since they had remote-control. I am seeking anyone with a similar situation or with anyone with contact to help us as I was actively using this group as a source of income.

Well its only 3 choices if you want to try and gain your group back:

  1. Lose the group
  2. Contact Roblox Support untill they message back
  3. Spread the evidence and tell people its your group.

In those 3 steps, only no.2 could possibly work