[Help] Group advertisment

Hello all, just wondering are you allowed to advertise a group on developer forum?

No, well in #bulletin-board yes.

Also suggest reading the rules cause that exists.

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So I can advertise in #bulletin-board?

Yes, read this:


This will explain it.

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The only forum rule that I found that hints about not advertising groups is this one:

When you click the flag button it says this under the spam button:

This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.

With forum rules you need to use some common sense because Roblox can’t cover every single edge case within the forum rules thread. I am certain advertisement threads of any kind aren’t allowed on the forum because they count as spam and will bring a lot of unnecessary noise for the forum.

As there are no categories on the forum that members can access that support these sorts threads I wouldn’t attempt to post group advertisement threads.

Bulletin Board is not for advertising. It’s for storing rich text that you can share with your communities.

Bulletin Board is muted by default so no relevant amount of people will be seeing or reading your posts there unless you specifically link them to it. So not only is it not allowed to put advertisements there, it’s entirely unsuitable.

If you didn’t mean “advertisements” but you instead mean that you want to store information on your group (i.e. guides, rules, etc), then yes you can use Bulletin Board for that.