[HELP] How can I make a good low poly city?

Hello! :slight_smile:

How can I make a nice low poly city? I don’t have any ideas how can I begin making a city…
I searched on Google :smiley: And I don’t want to copy any of it.


How about this, to make a good low poly city I suggest you start practicing in making low poly buildings also a city should have apartments, stores, police stations, etc.
It also depends on your city, if your making a big city I prefer you make skyscrapers or tall buildings. Also, if you would like the city to look kid-friendly add some colorful or lively colors to the buildings your making.
Hope you make a good low poly city!

  1. Lighting

Adjust the lighting so it suits your game.
(If your going for a specific city theme make sure the lighting fits your game genre)

  1. Assets

If you want to make a high-quality game, make sure your assets are high quality. (this is essential if you want to make a good game)

I also suggest you practice then make the assets.
(that’s how I plan my builds so please don’t pick on me)

Hoped this helped you! :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s like a cartoon type of build. It’s all smooth builds as you said

You don’t have to copy it but you can get an idea on what it looks like. You can also look on YouTube how people make them, some people start with blender. Other than that I wouldn’t know.
I can be really detailed and it can sometimes not. I would just recommend to do something you know you can do. However most people would just go into YouTube and get basics of Blender, you can also do it within Roblox Studio. Honestly do what you think will be the best for you.!

I Think you should consider making models, it prevents the game lagging

Like what @megapaul0917 said, put in some practice. I mean, you can’t build something without knowing how to.

If I were you, I’d do some research (not just Google, but joining/playing city games) and then make some plans. Since you do not want to copy any layouts from any of the real ones, take note on where things are like where are the town halls usually located.

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  1. Plan it out, first figure out what materials you want to use for a low poly style, figure out how modern to old it should be, where is it located (forest, near the beach), etc.

  2. Draw it all up, label it. This enables you to get a visual idea of how you want to build it.

  3. Draw basic ideas of each building, this again puts it all together nicely.

  4. Once detailed, create all buildings in the correct locations.

  5. Detail the city, add what is required in your ideal city. For example, a modern city may have light poles, fire posts, crossings, street trees, etc.

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