[HELP] - How can you track a game's sales on gamepass and developer products?

I was wondering if you could track sales on gamepasses and developer products like UGC Tracker does with the sales on your UGC items. If someone knows, please let me know how🙏


You can view transactions by: 1st. Click on the Robux icon on the top right corner of the screen. 2nd. Click on on first button (not the buy Robux) then you should see your transactions. 3rd. Click on the “Type of transactions” button and select “Sales of Goods”. Then you should be able to see all sales you have made, hope this helps.

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I don’t think this is possible as I remember there used to be a browser extension that would tell you but it stopped working a while ago, so I’m guessing roblox made it impossible to check in a game like the example you provided

Although, if you want to check gamepass sales you can go to “Configure” on the page for the gamepass then press “Sales” and it should tell you how many of that gamepass have sold. As for dev products though, I have no idea

How are UGC items sales tracked then? Is there any API for that?