[Help] How do gamepass creators make these backgrounds?

Hey there! I see a lot of people that make gamepass follow an almost identical design for the backgrounds. Basically, like a bunch of rays extending from a point in the center.
Like this.

How do they do that? Do they use a generator or something?

I’m new to designing, and I’m unsure how to mimic the background (a person that commissioned me requested it) without individually drawing the lines and colouring it by hand myself.


Its named sun ray background try to search it on google to find it.


Those are called retro sunlight rays which can be create in some advanced photoshops also there is many of them on internet as well.

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There are many given names for them, e.g sun Rays, sun bursts so on.

You can simply google Sun Burst generator and there are free websites that let you make your own coloured and sized ones.

You can also search up sun bursts (colour).png and a lot of them should come up on google images.

Finally there are star bursts which are very similar but the rays come from the side rather than the middle, just if you want to change it up a bit.

There is also generators for that too.

I hope I’ve helped!


This is the sunburst effect, but also if you notice, they are very light.