(HELP!) How do I set the C0 of a Motor6D to go to a position of another part?

I need to know how to change the C0 (CFrame for Part0) of a Motor6D to be the same as another part.
The issue is that if I use the exact same CFrame of a part for the C0, Part0 on the Motor6D will have a huge offset and won’t go to the right position. I’ve tried subtracting the position I need it to go to minus the position of Part1, and converting that into a CFrame, but it only works when facing forwards.

This worked! I did not know it was as easy as multiplying the inversed target cframe by the motor6d’s worldcframe.

I did the m6d’s parent cframe multiplyed by the m6d C0 cframe to get the world cframe.
I then inversed the target cframe and multiplied it by the worldcframe.

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