[HELP!] How to make gun fire particle system?

Hello Developers !!!

How to make when i click the mouse button 1 down the gun fire particle system lit up. Please someone help me with this because i find on youtube but sadly not has :frowning: .

if you guys know how to make gun fire particle system please reply below and i will answer it ASAP !

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What do you want to achieve exactly?
Do you want the gun to emit muzzle flashes when the gun is fired?
Is that correct?


So I’m assuming that you want the gun to emit a muzzle flash when the gun is fired.
Here’s a somewhat detailed tutorial on how to get it working.

  1. First, add an attachment to the handle and position it at the gun muzzle point and also make sure it’s oriented correctly.

  2. Second, add a particle emitter to the attachment and customize it to whatever you want it.

  3. Third, add a few lines of code to your gun script where the script or function will run when the gun is fired (and yes this does require a little bit of knowledge in scripting)

local effect = script.Parent.Handle.Attachment.ParticleEmitter
effect:Emit(20) -- this will emit the muzzle flash particle, yes you can change the number to change how many particles are emitted

Not sure if this will help you but I’ve tried my best!


yes, this i want to make make but i don’k know :frowning:

it’s works thank you so much i really need it !!! :slight_smile: , but when im not playing should I enable only him to have the particle system ?