[HELP!] How to remove the black static in blender?

The black static in my images is annoying me alot and it doesn’t fit well with my renders. How do I remove the black static?

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What you mean by “black static” is noise.
Assuming you use Blender Cycles, there is a quick way to reduce that.

Head over to the Render tab in the Properties panel and select Sampling. I’d advise you to increase your samples to anywhere above 250.

Simply put, as you increase your samples your render increases in quality, reducing the noise you see occurring particularly in shadows.

Alternatively, you can head to the Output tab, and increase your resolution to around 200%. You’ll need to manually input a value by clicking and typing it in.

Personally, I wouldn’t stray far from 200, otherwise your scene will take a rather long time to render.


the static is probably comming from a pre render.
what you are seeing is simply a shadow.
you could disable shadows or just move the light source farther away for a more diffused shadow

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Thank you sooooo much!!! I can’t thank you enough.