Help! How would I do my damage on an attack that lerps or tweens on client?

Hello, I’ve been trying to create a projectile type move, but I do the bezier on client since its better for performance. My question is how would I do the damage, because as you know position changes on client doesnt register on server. The way I have this skill setup is so the mesh is spawned on server then lerps on client. I havent been able to come up with an answer, or find one anywhere. Help me out!

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You can send the position to a remote event then deal the damage but I don’t recomend that type of projectile you should use FastCast module

Isnt it not secure doing it on client?

no its not secure when doing it on the client because exploiter can take advantage of that you probably need to do most of the stuff server sided

You can make the visual effects client-sided, and the actual casting on the server. If the client ever tries to modify the vfx, all they’re gonna do is make the experience worse for them, not anyone else.

Yes. So why would you recommend me it if it brings me back to my original issue.

The visuals use bezier curves. Does that matter? Also, which functions do I need to use to cast it/detect a hit on server? The api on it isn’t very clear on what to use.

because its not that good to use tween to do your projectile you should use fast cast Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!

You are no longer making any sense??? Tweening is better then BV to use on projectiles.

Fastcast is a raycasting module… What are you even saying?

Fastcast uses raycasting to make the path of the bullet.

ok i just found out its just the same things using tween and using BV if you really want to do damage it doesnt matter that its position should be registered to the server you can just do bullet.Touch:Connect(function(hit) on the client then check if its a player then Fire a remote event with the player humanoid then deal the damage there

Touched isn’t the best option because it won’t be reliable. The reason is because if the projectile moves extremely fast its going to start teleporting. So if it teleports past a object the bullet won’t actually hit the object.

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actually it wont teleport. just like fast cast and other stuff it work completely fine i understand what you are saying i tried testing that long ago and it does work

The projectile will be going fast, touched was never going to be apart of the plan. What would you suggest for my issue?

I would say using raycasting for the trajectory/path and hit detection.
Here is a tutorial on that:

The bullets are going to move smoother than BV and hit detection MUCH more reliable than touched.