Help - I can't here Roblox Studio's marketplace sounds

When I click the play button it don’t hear anything, i have roblox studio volume at 100% and everything is alright with my computer’s sound.


Check your output. See the issue?

I do not see any Issue on the output.

That sometimes happens honestly. I suppose it can be due to your In-game volume being low. I am just telling from my personal experience I can not confirm its validity.

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I had a similar issue just 30 mins ago. Go to your Studio Settings and look for “Studio volume” or smthng like that, it was set to 0 for some reason. Change it to 1 and it should be fine.

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Can you hear the audio on the Roblox website market place??

Yes, I can hear it. But in Roblox Studio, I don’t

I can hear it now, Thank you very much